the plan

We aim to create a theatrical-quality original narrative feature film centered around magic and a magician that highlights the Ellusionist line of products.

The movie will stand on its own as a high-quality piece of entertainment that is available on all of the major platforms – Google Play, iTunes, AppleTV, Amazon, and Vimeo OnDemand – but will act as a promotional device for the Ellusionist brand and will direct viewers to to purchase the effects utilized in the film.

Because Ellusionist will own the final film, it can be made available for sale directly on the Ellusionist website, inside the MagicStream platform, or even bundled for free to current customers or purchasers of specific products.

our mission

is to create compelling content

Our mission is to spark the new “Golden Age of Cinema” where original content is king. We are creating compelling and exciting productions while sharing unique stories for movie-lovers and magicians. That includes people between the ages of 14 and 45, but more importantly, we’re reaching creative professionals and students who are curious to learn about new products. 

we provide

expertise and resources

In addition to owning 100% of the equipment necessary to complete this project, we will utilize our expertise in production and distribution to craft an award-worthy film and release it to the world on all the major platforms.

100K+ people

in our growing direct network

We have a large combined network of engaged followers, fans, and new visitors that is growing each month to spread your message to.

This includes filmmakers and movie-buffs subscribed to our email lists, visitors to our blog, listeners of our podcast, and followers on social media.

we work

with the best in the industry

We have worked with some big brands, companies, and personalities including Bank of America, AARP, Merrill Lynch, Kraft, USC, Machinima, Studio71, HULU, and that’s just to name a few.

Add your name to our growing list of brands that we’ve worked with.


we've been proud to work with

our team

of acclaimed industry professionals

Alex Darke


Alex is an Emmy-nominated director of photography, a former theatrical distribution and international sales executive, and seasoned producer.


Trevor Nelson


Trevor is an Emmy-nominated director and has directed hundreds of episodes of television and has worked with the biggest names in the industry.


Logan Burdick

Development & Production

Logan is a seasoned writer with dozens of feature films under his belt including films produced and developed by Gunpowder and Sky and Hyde Park Entertainment.


for you and the Ellusionist brand

Push the boundaries beyond marketing your products and generating sales. There are additional benefits with this concept that aren’t available in any other form of marketing.

Think Old Spice, Squatty Potty, Purple Matresses, and Dos Equis. These brands bring forth an immediate reaction and familiarity that is sparked by their outside-the-box thinking.

write it off

on your taxes

Companies that finance a feature film may be permitted to write off 100% of their contribution as a loss in their taxes thanks to Section 168 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

They may do so in the same year that the film is distributed or depreciate it over the course of a maximum of 22 years.


for Ellusionist

Standard commercials only generate revenue to promoted products and sales pages.

A branded feature film with direct tie-ins to your products will not only generate sales in the Ellusionist store, but provide revenue through rentals, sales, and license agreements for the movie itself.


for the brand

The Ellusionist logo and brand name will be displayed as a larger-than-life brand across the entire project.

It will appear in the animated studio logos section of the film, in the front and end credits, and on all promotional materials such as key art, banners, trailers, and websites.


to other promotional videos

Professional commercials cost $1MM+ and viral campaigns can easily cost $100,000+.

Because of our background and access to professional equipment, we can create a full-length feature film that can be presented in theaters, festivals, VOD, or streaming platforms like Netflix for the same cost as a promotional video.

are you ready?

Make a bigger splash with your marketing dollars and create a product that will inspire magicians to purchase your products today.